Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Restaurants in 2017

Across The Street Diner, Corsicana, TX (May 27, 2017)
Bakers Ribs, Inc.
, Weatherford, TX (April 27, 2017) +
Beer 88, Lynchburg, VA (February 4, 2017) +
Dix Coney Island, Denton, TX (May 24, 2017) +
Five Boys Ranch, Bridgeport, TX (April 18, 2017) +

Grumps Burgers, Cleburne, TX (May 10, 2017) +
Hamburger Depot, Lumberton, TX (June 19, 2017) +
Joe's Pizza & Pasta, Decatur, TX (May 3, 2017)
Julio's Mexican Restaurant, Chico, TX (May 23, 2017)
Mama Juanita's Mexican Restaurant, Huntsville, TX (May 29, 2017) +

McKenzie's Barbeque, Huntsville, TX (January 12, 2017)
Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse, Elgin, TX (May 28, 2017) +
Mi Casita Mexican Food, Waco, TX (January 21, 2017)
Mighty Fine Burgers, Round Rock, TX (May 27, 2017) +
O'Charley's, Lynchburg, VA (May 11, 2017)

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, Waco, TX (June 1, 2017) +
Pastafina Italian Ristorante, Weatherford, TX (May 31, 2017) +
Ray's Drive In, Lufkin, TX (January 9, 2017) +
Richie's Grill, Hawkins, TX (February 10, 2017)
Rio Mambo, Weatherford, TX (June 21, 2017) +

Rock City Burger Company
, Bridgeport, TX (April 26, 2017)
Rooster's Roadhouse, Decatur, TX (June 6, 2017)
Slovacek's, West, TX (May 18, 2017) +
Sweet Boy's Diner, Bowie, TX (May 16, 2017) +
Verona Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Decatur, TX (Spring 2017)

Village Kitchen Restaurant, Jacksboro, TX (May 17, 2017)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Charitable Activity in 2017

I've been wanting to be even more charitable the last year or two than what I have been; therefore, I'm going to put myself to test to be more accountable.

6/19/17 - $50.00 - The Houston Wellness Project (#11188)

Churches Attended and Visited in 2017

Worship Services
January 1 -- Absent (Working the Texas Marathon, Kingwood)
January 8 -- Attended North Park Baptist Church, Humble, TX (Jerry Thorpe)
January 15 -- Absent (Covering the Chevron Houston Marathon)
January 22 -- Visited First Baptist Church Waco, Waco, TX (Mark Snowden)
January 29 -- Absent (Ran the USA Fit Half Marathon in Sugar Land)
February 5 -- Visited Blue Ridge Community Church, Forest, VA (Woody Torrence)
February 12 -- Absent (Announced the Galveston Marathon)
February 19 -- Visited North Fort Worth Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX (Dr. Stephen Lowrie)
February 26 -- Visited University Heights Baptist Church, Huntsville, TX (Richard Rogers)
March 5 -- Absent
March 12 -- Absent
March 19 -- Absent (Announced the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon)
March 26 -- Absent (Ran the Lookin' Good Shamrock Strut 10K)
April 2 -- Absent
April 9 -- Absent (Ran the Ponchatoula Jaycees Strawberry Strut 10K)
April 16 -- Absent
April 23 -- Absent (Worn out from announcing at Ironman Texas aid station on April 22)
April 30 -- Absent (Attended Texas 10 Sienna, Missouri City)
May 7 -- Absent (Worn out from announcing CB&I Triathlon on May 6)
May 14 -- Absent (Traveling to visit Gom)
May 21 -- Attended North Park Baptist Church, Humble, TX
May 28 -- Absent (Ran the Rogue Trail Series - Reveille Peak Ranch 10K in Burnet)
June 4 -- Absent
June 11 -- Absent (Announcing Sylvan Beach Triathlon)
June 18 -- Attended North Park Baptist Church, Humble, TX

Church Services Listened To
1/15/17 (2/9/17) - "Purpose Over Popularity", North Park Baptist Church, Humble, TX (Kirk Godkin)
1/22/17 (2/9/17) - "Surrender Over Control", North Park Baptist Church, Humble, TX (Sandy Beard)

Miles and Miles

April 30, 2016 (Saturday) -- 6.2 miles (Fredericksburg Wildflower 10K)
May 1, 2016 (Sunday) -- 6.2 miles (A Noble Run 5K, Cedar Park and TWRC Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands)
May 3, 2016 (Tuesday) -- 6 miles (Knox Jr. High track, The Woodlands; 4 run, 2 walk)
May 7, 2016 (Saturday) -- 13.1 miles (Revel Mt. Charleston Half Marathon, Las Vegas, Nevada)

May 27, 2017 (Saturday) -- 6.37 miles (Ennis Polka Fest 10K, Ennis)
May 28, 2017 (Sunday) -- 6.2 miles (Rogue Trail Series - The Ranch 10K at Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet)
May 29, 2017 (Monday) -- 3.1 miles (Memorial Day 5K, Huntsville)
June 3, 2017 (Saturday) -- 6.2 miles (Heights Fun Run 10K, Houston)
June 4, 2017 (Sunday) -- 3.1 miles (Run For Wellness - Heights 5K, Houston)
June 5, 2017 (Monday) -- 3.29 miles (Spring with Waverly)
June 7, 2017 (Wednesday) --
June 8, 2017 (Thursday) -- 3.1 miles (Trinity 5000 Summer Series 5K #2, Fort Worth)
June 9, 2017 (Friday) -- 3.1 miles (Milk Run 5K, Sulphur Springs)
June 10, 2017 (Saturday) -- 3.1 miles (Tomato 5 - Tomato Fest 5K, Jacksonville)
June 14, 2017 (Tuesday) -- 4.19 miles (1.46 in Jacksboro, 1.5 in Throckmorton and 1.23 in Seymour)
June 15, 2017 (Wednesday) -- 3.21 miles (North Lakes Park, Denton)
June 16, 2017 (Thursday) -- 3.1 miles (Trinity 5000 Summer Series 5K #2, Fort Worth)
June 18, 2017 (Sunday) -- 3.1 miles (Run For Wellness - San Jacinto 5K, Houston)
June 18, 2017 (Sunday) -- 2.94 miles (The Woodlands Waterway with Waverly)
June 19, 2017 (Monday) -- 3.1 miles (Sea Rim Striders Summer Run/Walk Series #3, Lumberton)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Books Read in 2017

"Woodlawn:  One Hope, One Dream, One Way" by Todd Gerelds, Mark Schlabach
"Finding My Road" by Ino Cantu, Thomas Woltz
"And The Walls Came Tumbling Down" by Frank Fitzpatrick
"Behind The Wall To The Boston Marathon 2016" by Bill O'Shields
"Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  College Football and the Politics of Rape" by Jessica Luther
"Living Out Loud:  Sports, Cancer, and the Things Worth Fighting For" by Craig Sager with Craig Sager II and Brian Curtis
"The Baseball Whisperer:  A Small-Town Coach Who Shaped Big League Dreams" by Michael Tackett

Monday, April 3, 2017

Texas College and University Baseball Stadiums Visited - 6

Stadiums / Fields Visited
Abilene Christian University (Crutcher Scott Field) - 2017
Houston Baptist University (Husky Field) - 2013
Sam Houston State University (Don Sanders Stadium) - 2017
Texas Christian University (Charlie and Marie Lupton Baseball Stadium) - 2017
University of Houston (Darryl & Lori Schroeder Park) - 2015
University of Texas-San Antonio (Roadrunner Field) - 2014

Other Stadiums / Fields Visited
Liberty University (Liberty Baseball Stadium) - 2013
McNeese State University (Cowboy Stadium) - 2016
Tulane University (Greer Field at Tunchin Stadium) - 2016

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Win For The Good Guys; March 29, 2017

I was told that I should go to Las Vegas soon.


On Monday, I was #65 in a 65-member jury panel for a criminal case in Harris County's district courts.

And I got picked as an alternate to a five-male, seven-female jury.

During voir dire, I was just amazed, when asked by counsel if they could follow the law regarding range of punishment and other issues, the number of people who said that they couldn't.

I just think it is a sign of the times that we live in.

Americans expect to be free from lawlessness, but they aren't willing to hold others accountable.

It isn't about judging others.

We have laws in our land and we've expected to abide by them or suffer the consequences.

Thankfully, there were still 12 - OK, 13 of us - who were willing and prepared to make the proper considerations based on what was presented.

Actually, as an alternate, I was not in on the deliberations this afternoon to either decide guilt or innocence as well as punishment (as guilt was found), but I can report that a dangerous man was taken off of the streets of Harris County today.

He will be spending 35 years in prison as the result of being convicted today on aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon - his third felony (all robberies).

The range available, because of the enhancement of having two previous felonies, was 25 to 99 years.

Really the whole episode was sad.

The man robbed a cab driver of his wallet and cell phone from the center console of the cab and refused to pay a $21 cab fare.

When an altercation ensued between the cab driver and one of two other passengers - one being the defendant's brother - the defendant held a gun to the cab driver's head as he was being held by the brother, then all three took off and ran.

During the punishment phase we learned that the defendant had 13 convictions in total, including robbery, theft, possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass.

Five or six of these were in 1998 and 1999 when he was still a juvenile.

Additionally, an expert on gangs in Harris County was brought in to testify that the defendant was a member of a gang - based on their tattoos - one of 250 different gangs of all levels that operate in and around Harris County.

Thankfully, nobody was killed in this situation and hopefully by putting the convicted felon behind bars for a long time - hopefully - it will keep something from happening on our local streets.