Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Good Day; August 25, 2013

The last two months I've been wanting to go out and do the Run For Wellness 5K at George Bush Park in west Houston.

The alarm was set for 5 a.m. as I would need to be on the road by 5:30 a.m. for the 7:00 a.m. race start.

Things came and went.  I slept in.  I don't know that I needed it, but it felt good nonetheless.

After coming home last Sunday evening from leaving Waverly at Liberty University and the week-long tour of minor league ball parks, I had plans to be at North Park Baptist Church on Sunday morning - regardless of whether I ran the race or not.

But not until after the song service.

I even had told my parents that Saturday night after I picked them up at George Bush Intercontinental (IAH).

I've handled everything pretty well so far; however, there were many Sundays that I was in church just to watch her sing - even when she wasn't singing a special.

I walked in the vestibule area at about 10:45 a.m. and the song service wasn't yet over.

Speaking to Ruth Lucas for a couple of minutes, my voice cracked a little and she reached out and rubbed my arm in loving consolation.

Pastor Randy Harp had an excellent service with evidence from scripture about how that we're living in the last days.

The video at the beginning of his sermon was one of the most powerful that I've ever witnessed in my life about what it will be like - and how quick - when the rapture occurs.

You can witness it here.

We were also treated to Chris Stone singing Casting Crowns' song, "While You Were Sleeping", in the middle of the sermon.

The story behind the song from the group's lead singer and songwriter, Mark Hall, can be found here.  It is an interesting and insightful read.

After church, I went home, changed and went to the gym where I ran 60 minutes on the treadmill.

I came home, showered and then went to Meyer Park - near Steubner Airline and Cypresswood - to visit with a very good friend of mine, Edwin Quarles, as we watched his youngest daughter, Jenna, play soccer on an 11-Under team from the Beaumont area.  (She's 10.)

I was there for about an hour and 15 minutes and I enjoyed visiting with Edwin, who I've been friends with now for seven to eight years.

I stopped to get a bite to eat before arriving home to be able to talk with Waverly for about 45 minutes in recapping her first week-plus at Liberty.

It was an awesome conversation.  I think one of the greatest privileges - and challenges - I've been given by God is to be the parent of a Godly young woman.

I hope when things are all said and done that she'll realize that I've loved her unconditionally with all of my heart.

When she went to Liberty last week, I also lost my barber.

So it was my mother who nervously agreed to take control of the clippers and in her first effort in 45 years since my father was in the Marine Corps, she did a pretty good job.

I've been blessed the last two evenings of spending approximately an hour or more with my Mom and Dad at their place and when I left this evening, their time, respect and love never meant more to me than it did now.

Today was an example of a day that was simple, yet very meaningful.  I sure hope there are many more like this to follow.

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