Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Bit Hollow; March 31, 2016

Life for me lately has been about removing stress in my life.

Not that I have a lot to begin with, for which I'm very thankful of.

I pretty much mind my own business.

I do what is asked of me on the job and attempt to deliver value every single day to my client.  They pay a lot of money to the company I work for for my time and abilities to get things done.

Outside of work, I also stick to myself.

Some simply comes from being an introvert.  The rest?  Life is just easier that way, I suppose.

I spend a lot of time alone.  And there's a part of that that is sad, but much is peaceful too.

I have a few hobbies.  People who know me know what they are.

One of those hobbies I get paid for a little bit.  There was a time where I did it all for free, but nowhere near as much as I do now.

And, that was also until people started to ask, "What do you charge?"

I don't go out and seek business.  Thankfully, it comes to me.  And I can pick and choose.

I've had one or two of these clients that I just chose not to do the next year's event.

Not because I was dissatisfied necessarily, but either they waited too late to secure my time (and I had other plans) or their operation was just really "fly by the seat of the pants".

I've taken those situations and made them appear organized before, but they're not that fun nor as worthwhile.

You know you have the ability to do it, but it is better with a lot of order to things.

I've recently had to separate with a client.  There's been a particular level of frustration for almost a year and I've done my best to try and power my way through the issues.

Most people wouldn't have a clue, but a few close friends know how frustrated I've been (and it isn't appropriate to go into the issues here).

There was one major legitimate issue that I separated because of and I had tried to hold on as long as I could.  It became a question of would that issue ever really get resovled.

It is starting to be, but it has come a little too late.

I received a piece of mail relating to it today and it all felt hollow.

You wanted to go on (even through an issue or two because related parties highly valued my efforts), but at the same time you worried about continuing to give without any firm date in sight of being made whole or partially whole by those who were providing.

And the saddest thing is that there was a personal connection to it all too.

A couple of weeks ago, a principal in that client was returning from a family vacation.  I tried to help via social media with some information that might have aided their return, but maybe a relative or long-time friend chimed in and said that what I shared wasn't official.

I knew it was as I'm very, very careful about being accurate on many things.

And if it had been any other situation, I probably would have challenged the individual.

However, I'm not going to get into it with people on another person's account (or page) without knowing the relationship to that person.

So I deleted the comment and unfriended the couple.

Maybe a bit harsh, but I needed to eliminate the stress.

So life goes on, quiet as usual.

And just trying to stay busy and keep my mind - and body - occupied.

We'll see how the weekend goes.

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