Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Houston - Spring, Texas; October 9, 2012

I got off the beaten path, didn't I? Wow. I have some catching up to do.

I met a new friend last Sunday afternoon and after reading their blog (that they haven't updated since about the same time), I was motivated to get back to the task of writing out some of the things that are or have been going on in my life.

Today's entry of "Uncommon Life: Daily Challenge" speaks to a topic of "More Valuable Than A Picasso", but the uncommon key is: "What do you consider of eternal significance in your life?"

To me, the bottom line is one's salvation.

And then, on, October 9th, I went to bed. I got up, this morning, October 10th, and re-read part of the entry that Dungy wrote -- and realized that it was very similar to what Pastor Randy Harp at North Park Baptist Church had to say on Sunday.

Dungy was writing that "society places value on objects, on wealth, on the size of our houstses, and on the number of cars in our garage. Society emphasizes things like resumes, trophies, awards, and winning simply for the sake of winning."

He added, "Society has inverted the things it considers valuable with what God intended for us to place first, the ones He says should guide our lives."

I would agree with that. I've met a lot of people who are like this.

But Bro. Harp, in speaking about being part of a community and why some people aren't, asked, "How many people, in their last moments of life, ask for others to bring all the awards, trophies and things that they accumulated here on Earth to their bedside?"

The answer, of course, is probably no one. They ask for their family and friends to be close by when they pass.

Dungy wrote, "And so our calendars are often empty of time with our families. But whom will you call to your bedside in your last hours of life -- your banker or your stockbroker? Or your loved ones?"

That answer is painfully clear.

A friend of mine stated in a Facebook comment, "Wait until she finds out what a big deal YOU are."

The individual that said that I consider to be a good friend, who I do some race announcing for a race or two of theirs, and I know exactly what vein she was saying it in, but really I just want to try and be a big deal for God, if I can.

My daughter already is. And for that I'm so very thankful for.

Hopefully I have some time left to catch up. Or, at least, that is what I strive to be able to do.

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