Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bumping Off Twitter; March 12, 2013

Yes, I just went ahead and deactivated the Twitter feed as I suggested that I might.

I had thrown some general, open-ended questions out there to maybe drive a little discussion.  Nothing.  The birds are still chirping.

I don't want to just be known for what interesting information I can come up and publish.  I've actually felt that for a long time.

While I might be a very simple person, if people can't make an effort to relate on more than that then maybe there are some situations with particular people that need reconsideration.

I guess I just didn't recall signing up to be in a fishbowl, and, at the same time, I wasn't comfortable with people just lurking out there and me knowing who they are.  Like I said, I normally didn't look to see who was following me, but the last couple of additions left me rattled a little bit.

I could have "bumped" them off, but that just starts all kinds of talk about me - which is something I don't want.

Even though my Facebook page and Twitter account is wide-open, if somebody is going to check it out without engaging me, don't friend or follow me.  Please, that is.

It is all tempered, I believe, by a bad situation where it seemed that somebody was quietly and closely watching my status updates.  Especially when I received a note that said, "I was just worried about you, and missed reading your posts on FB."  Then, and in the end, they never really engaged much to a level of friendship beyond that.

And it isn't something that I want to invest energy into again and have similar results. 

Maybe a flawed approach, but it is safer - emotionally - to find something - as opposed to somebody - to throw myself into then as opposed to trying to deal with people that can't or won't engage.

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