Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep Slugging Away; April 25, 2013

Yes, Mr. Anti-Social has become even more so in the last week.

I have kind of gone on a self-imposed social media blackout (as stated earlier) -- with the exception of signing on to either Facebook or Twitter to deliver information that I have a responsibility to for particular clients, such as RAS or TRT.

Otherwise, I just choose not to interact for awhile.  I think at times I've become co-dependent (via these mediums) upon (or in) the lives of others -- and in the long run, that isn't healthy.

I believe that I expect people to reciprocate on my terms - and often they can't, won't or don't know (or care) what the expectation that's to be met.

And, of course, the fear is (for me) that people won't; therefore, it is easier to simply remove myself from what I believe to be an even unhealthier situation -- and just focus on taking care of me.

Sounds selfish, but I believe it to be more self-preservation than anything else.

Some of it also emanates from watching what transpired in those mediums (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) as it related to the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas.

There was a lot of great humanity displayed.  That's for certain.  However, there were a few things that disappointed me too, which was surprisingly disheartening.

Oh well, time to keep slugging away!

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