Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Churches Visited in 2016

While I've been out of town running or doing other activities, I've tried to be more diligent in being in church even during this time.

As a result, I've been very fortunate to visit a number of excellent churches so far this year.

They have included:

Calvary Baptist Church, Alexandria, Louisiana (February 7 and March 27)
First Baptist Church, Waxahachie, Texas (April 3)
Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin, Texas (May 1)
NewPointe Community Church, Dover, Ohio (April 10)
North Roanoke Baptist Church, Roanoke, Virginia (April 17)
Calvary Church - Harvest Fields, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania (May 29)
First Baptist Church, Downers Grove, Illinois (June 26)
Grandview Baptist Church, Davenport, Iowa (July 10)*
Greater Waco Baptist Church, Waco, Texas (July 24)
Blue Ridge Community Church, Forest, Virginia (August 14 and September 25)*
Temple Baptist Church, Springdale, Arkansas (October 2)
NewSpring Church, Wichita, Kansas (October 30)

It has been refreshing to see how other bodies of believers come together and worship God.

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