Wednesday, November 16, 2016

News Feed Surprises; November 17, 2016

I'm now 49 days away from turning 50, as it has passed midnight into Thursday, November 17, 2016.

Facebook can, at times, open up some raw emotions when things turn up in your news feed that you least expect to see.

That's why unfollows, unfriends and, when warranted, blocks are sometimes necessary.

There was a picture that a friend who is a big fan of my announcing posted with one of her friends and a comment that said, "Dear friends never say goodbye, they simply say "see you soon"."

I've known that these two individuals have been pretty strong friends for quite some time and I don't hold it against the person that likes my announcing.

It is just that the person that seems to be leaving the area, perhaps, is somebody who was friendly in an odd way (to me) more than three and a half years ago.

When I discreetly attempted to clear it up, I got no response.  Whatsoever.

A situation or two occurred afterward that brought some engagement with that person, but it never opened up an opportunity to resolve that emotional wound.

Another similar situation two years before with somebody completely different eventually saw that person leave the area for another part of the state and now one that borders the Atlantic Ocean.

A race director friend of mine who knew of my struggles then said at the time that God was acutally taking care of me by not having to see them on a regular basis anymore.

Maybe they were right.

And maybe I should take the same advice here.

I handle different rejections completely -- different.

Some bother me.  Others don't.

I wouldn't say that I hold grudges as for both of these individuals I've - at different times - prayed for them and their success very fervently.  How else are we to still care for people?

Another individual in the running community who is a believer said once about the former situation that sometimes you just have to love people from afar.

Or even farther it might seem.

2016 has been a year about reducing the emotional drama in my life -- and this is, I guess, another reduction.  And I should simply move on.

(Note:  This person that is leaving, I'm not friends on Facebook with them - or with the person from the situation before.)

There's a part of me, thought, that wishes that I would have been worthy enough (or possess some qualities that I must be missing) for somebody that I was willing to - or did attempt to - invest time in be willing to have acknowledged and responded to it different than what they did (or didn't).

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