Monday, February 13, 2017

Texas College and University Basketball Arena Announcer Rankings - 2016-2017

1.  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Women's  (Extremely professional.  Handles all facets very well.)
2.  University of Texas-Dallas Women's  (Great voice.  Professional.  Nothing alarming or annoying.)
3.  University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley Women's (Another incredible voice and great talent.  Pretty solid atmosphere; he just oversells it sometimes.  Needs to say first and last name of the opposing player when they score a basket, even if understated.)
4.  University of Incarnate Word Women's (One of the best natural voices I've heard all season, but he doesn't need to scream at times and "Cardinals Basketball", like "Aggies Ball!" is annoying until you can tune it out.)
5.  Texas A&M University Women's (Really, really good.  Excellent balance in his voice inflection for both teams, but the "Aggies Ball!" call is more annoying than Dave South himself.)
6.  Dallas Christian College Women's (Solid voice.  Does everything that you expect from an announcer.  Balanced.)
7.  St. Edward's Men's (Excellent voice.  Handles all of the calls well.  Actually, I don't think he ever announced who scored a basket for either team, which is not always a bad thing.  Needs to learn how to not sound like he's reading from a script at times that he is/was.)
8.  Texas Wesleyan Men's (Solid voice.  Very, very professional.  Basically wasn't even aware of him even though he checked off all of the important boxes.)
9.  Texas A&M-Kingsville Men's  (Great voice.  Over-the-top on player introductions and a few home team basket calls, but otherwise balanced and professional.)
10.  San Jacinto College - Central Men's  (Yoeman-like work.  Sound wasn't loud enough at times, but the young man is everything you'd expect from a solid announcer.)
11.  Our Lady of the Lake University Women's  (Strong voice.  Solid announcer.  Only announcer I've heard all year mention their name and that they were the "Voice of the ..."  As I was told once before, "Your job is to inform.  You are not the show.")
12.  Blinn College (Brenham) Men's  (Solid voice.  Over-the-top on player introductions, but nothing else detracts from an acceptable performance.)
13.  Southwestern University Women's (Clear voice.  Checks off all of the professional things you do as a basketball public address announcer.  Acoustics aren't the best in a great facility.)
14.  Angelina College Men's (Really good voice.  Just inconsistent on what is and isn't announced.  Therefore, hard to follow.)
15.  Lee College (Baytown) Men's  (Strong voice.  The acoustics in an otherwise beautiful facility don't help him; doesn't seem to adjust to that fact.  Hard to understand, as a result, at times.)
16.  Trinity University Women's  (Solid voice.  Just could hardly hear him.)
17.  San Jacinto College - North Women's (Solid voice.  Same thing as Trinity.  Could hardly hear him and he only made pre-game introductions and an announcement at halftime.  Believe he doubled as the official scorer.)
18.  Lamar State College-Port Arthur Men's  (Excellent voice, but doesn't announce everything and hardly anything for the opposing team.)

A.  Weatherford College Men's (No announcer.  Actually not a bad thing.  Better than a bad one.)
B.  Jarvis Christian College Men's (Actually no announcer.  There were player introductions, but they were using a Fender Sound System from a corner of the gym and you really couldn't make out a thing that was said.)

Unknown:  East Texas Baptist University Women's  (Actually.  Not even sure there was one!)

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