Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kicking Off February; February 1, 2017

Haven't written in a little while and not sure how much I will or want to share.

Still working through some things that are challenging to me.

As I shared from earlier in the month, I've really changed my incoming Facebook news feed.

I've disconnected from a few, unfollowed nearly everyone and have been unliking pages that I'm just not getting anything from.

Have also started to do the latter from Twitter too.

Unfriending.  Touchy subject, I suppose.

Outside of work, I'm involved in event production, specifically and primarily races (i.e. 5K's, 10K's and the like).

There was an event that I ran its first year and then announced its second and third year.

This race took place this past weekend, but I never heard from the event producer at all -- even after e-mailing them.

Thankfully, I don't need the money.

And my ego doesn't need to announce that race, specifically.

I just felt that after I took the courtesy to confirm whether or not they needed me that it was reasonable to expect a confirmation of some type even to say, "You suck.  You're really not that good!"

It was sad.  Disappointing.  Common courtesy gone out the window.

In that case, I simply disconnected.  There's a couple events later in the year that I'll have to work with them, but I'll cross those bridges when I get there.

The other is just a little strange for me.

It involves a woman.

Nothing has happened, nor will there ever be likely.

I didn't ask for it, but was given a phone number.

I've texted about once a week, had a short 7- to 10-minute exchange and the conversation draws to a close.

I never push any of it further, but communication is never initiated from their direction either.

Just too one-sided for me.

If you want just friendship, text me.  How else will you get to know me, even as a friend?

It tells me that you don't want anything more out of it, which is cool with me.

However, I'm losing or have almost lost all interest, even in just being communicative.

It's a shame.  They're a very intelligent and beautiful woman and I kind of feel like I'm playing out of my league anyway.

But I don't even know if any of that is why they gave me their number.

Thing is, I won't see them in person for quite some time as they've shared their race schedule through mid-May on Facebook and what I'm doing just won't overlap.

Oh well.  They flattered me by getting three pictures with me - one in October, one in November and the final one at the Expo in January.

I'm thankful for that, and always will be.

I have flaws just like everybody else.

Question is, can somebody understand them, look past them or help me with them?

Maybe there's nobody and if so, I'll continue to figure out the rest of life by myself - and some great friends who already, and easily, make themselves known and real to me.

More to come, I suppose, and thankful to God for every day I've given, even if I spend a good bit of many of those days by myself.

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