Monday, July 28, 2014

Holly, A Few Words on Your Birthday; July 28, 2014

I remember we all would laugh at the times when Dad could never remember if your birthday was the 28th or the 29th.

One of the few pictures that we ever got together was the one last year at your birthday party at Pappasito's.

It was probably the only other one that I remember as well -- other than the one as you as a baby sitting in the blue plastic chair and me in a blue-and-white striped tank top at Bill and Leah's.

I, of course, had hair then and you wouldn't catch me in a tank top (or running singlet) today!

Bill and Debbie Crawford were in from Germany yesterday at church and, of course, the "old" North Freeway crew was as faithful as always as the first thing Debbie did - having not seen or talked to her in at least 10 years - was to console me of your loss.

Other than Edwin, my running friend in Lufkin that you never met, the first two to call the morning after you passed were Kirk and Tommy.

I've gone through the words that I shared at your celebration of life service many times.

I wouldn't have taken away anything from what I shared, but I would have referenced that like running a marathon you endured some challenging miles.

Some I knew about then.  Others I didn't.

I learned recently about miles 3 - unbeknownst to our family - and especially the most challenging ones in miles 14-15.  I'm amazed now at how you persevered after the latter.

We'll never know this side of heaven why God chose to call you home, but we'll all keep praying that the load will be lightened from the difficult miles those of us still here endure until it is our time to see you again.

Love you and miss you!

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