Monday, July 28, 2014

The Daily Walk; July 28, 2014

Yesterday's highlights included ...

1.  Got to see and speak with Bill and Debbie Crawford at North Park Baptist Church this morning who have been home to the States for almost a month as they are missionaries to Dresden, Germany.  They had been unable to make a visit to North Park for 10 years.  Bill gave an excellent, relevant sermon that I'm glad that I was there for.  Debbie also got to meet Waverly for the first time ever.

2.  We also got to see and talk to both Bro. and Mrs. John (and Susan) Gross, the founding pastor of our church, as they were there with Bill and Debbie.  Was in the same youth department at the old North Freeway Baptist Church with Debbie, her brother, Tommy, and numerous others.  It was very important to me when my sister passed away that Bro. Gross, as he was our pastor growing up, lead the memorial service.

3.  I get to see Waverly sing with the worship team one more Sunday after today before she heads back to Liberty University for her sophomore year.  They sang Kari Jobe's "We Are (The Light of the World)" as a praise and worship song as opposed to Waverly singing it as a solo.  However, Waverly led this song and her confidence in who she is as a young woman using her talents for God is probably at its all-time highest.

4.  Attended the 2nd annual HARRA Strategic Meeting with 19 other involed and committed runners at president Joe Carey's house.  Really appreciate Joe opening up his home to host us all.  Great discussion, but the key take-away is how to communicate HARRA's value to the general greater Houston area running community.

Shout-outs to ...

5.  Bill Dwyer as he delivered Waverly's plan to her that she will use to train for the Virginia 10-Miler that we will run together on Saturday, September 27 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

A couple of good reads this morning from ...

6.  Max Lucado
7.  Barry Blanton's Monday Morning Minute

Challenges for today include ...

8.  My sister, Holly, would have been 42 today.  Please keep the families in your prayers when you can.  My parents will be taking the girls to visit my grandmother in central Pennsylvania on Wednesday for a week.  Much is needed for so many.

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