Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Daily Walk: July 27, 2014

Yesterday's highlights included ...

1.  The red-headed princess made it home safely after working four Christian summer youth camps in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.  First thing that she wanted to eat getting back in Texas?  Whataburger.  We had a great lunch catching up on a number of items.

2.  Fun and safe trip to Moulton to run a race - the Moulton Jamboree 5K - in my 100th Texas city or town.  Always good to broaden your experiences.

3.  Enjoyed the Astros and Marlins game with Robby Sabban, Jay Lee and Loren Sheffer of Texas Runner and Triathlete.  We didn't solve all of the problems of the running world, but we'll keep working on it.  :-)

Shout-outs to ...

4.  Friends competing in triathlons today from Switzerland to Canada.

5.  The Pittsburgh Passion for bringing another football championship to the Steel City by Winning the International Women's Football League championship over the Houston Energy last night in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

In other news ...

6.  Penn State hired a new athletic director in Sandy Barbour, the former University of California AD.  My concern is that this is more of a move to further appease the NCAA in an effort to - in the eyes of the NCAA - lessen the cited "Penn State football" culture.  Penn State athletics is so much more than the football program.  Anybody has to be better, though, than Dr. Dave Joyner.

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