Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tap Out Ten; May 3, 2016

(Am going to try and take ten minutes each night to "tap out" something in the Notes part of my phone each night before I go to sleep.)

Busy, good day today.

Had an appointment at my chiropractor's office to learn some Pilates techniques to strengthen my core and try to avoid some of the misalignment of my hips that cause me pain in the SI joint.

Also picked up my parents at IAH today after they flew back from Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother (who turned 91 before the end of April).

Next up for my Dad is prostrate surgery next Wednesday, May 11th.

Got out to the track for the first time in forever and put down six miles. I'd say four run and two walk, but all good.

It was good to see Waverly post a picture tonight on Facebook of all of the girls either in her and Natalie's Quad or Hall. Think it was the former.  But it signals that she's beyond the last two projects of her Junior year.  So very proud of her and what she's accomplished.

Looking forward to getting out of town again this weekend as I'll be running a half marathon in my 41st state on Saturday just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most of the fun is the planning of the trip as I'm currently doing for my vacation with Waverly the second full week of July.

Very fortunate with everything God has given me, even in times that for me can be a little challenging.

Kind of made a pact with myself today to just be better at everything I can as we never know what kind of time God has allowed for us here on Earth.

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