Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tap Out Ten; May 4, 2016

We'll see how long I can keep this "Tap Out Ten" going.

Been a slow, yet busy week.

Slow from a work standpoint in that much of what I've been doing for my client changes with implementation of their hospital's new EHR (electronic health record) in March.

Busy because of yesterday's activities putting pressure for me to be able to get my hours in because I'm not going to be in on Friday.

It is looking like I'll have to go in on Mother's Day to make up 4-6 hours.

Thankful, however, that I have work.

Really, really was touched by a picture that Waverly put on her Instagram that I referenced yesterday.

Touched me so much that I teared up quite a bit.

I imagine that the girls she had on her hall were good to be able to learn and get to know better, but it is going to be sad that they won't be in that same place and that same time together again.

A perfect example of seizing each and every moment of every day that God gives us.

No matter where we are, no matter what we're doing, we have an opportunity to impact someone's life. And, unfortunately, it can be in a negative way too.

I'm most challenged driving Houston's freeways and streets and am typically unforgiving to those who can't keep up - decision-wise.

I'm also pretty certain I haven't made a few folks very welcomed.

God, please forgive me for that.

Long work day on Thursday then I'm heading to Las Vegas to run a half marathon outside of town on Saturday morning for a 13.1-mile race or greater in my 41st state.

And after two uphill or hilly half courses, I'm glad that this will be a downhill course!

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