Friday, May 6, 2016

Tap Out Ten; May 5, 2016

Long day.  In the office early and out late with an errand to run in between.

However, the best part of the day came from Waverly as she reported the outcome of two of her three finals on Wednesday at Liberty via Facebook chat.

It read, "Good news - 91/100 for a history final and 192/200 for educ. final today 😊"

She's really, truly done incredibly, especially this year as she stepped up from prayer leader to resident adviser.

And she's done a stellar job.

She'd tell you that she was definitely stretched and forced to grow even more than she might have expected, but she'll come out of it so much more prepared for the workplace.

Am already packed for my trip to Vegas tomorrow.

I'll be back, though, Saturday night to be able to be in church with Mom on Mother's Day.

The only one I think I've missed - other than in 2014 after Holly passed away (and Mom understandably wasn't ready to be in church on an emotional day as such)  - was in 2004 when I inadvertently stayed over the weekend in Ohio and Indiana and ran the big 30,000-participant Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (or half marathon).

Then in three weeks, I'll head to Pennsylvania for the Memorisl Day weekend to visit my grandmother.

Waverly will be home next Sunday evening. I'll be glad to have her here.

I can't believe that three years have passed that she's been at Liberty day-in and day-out for approximately eight months out of a school year.

So very thankful, though, for the resources to provide for Waverly to go to college and her desire and courage to go off to school away from home.

I'm confident of Waverly's opportunities to succeed in life.

Am thankful for the front row seat that I have. :-)

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