Friday, August 26, 2016

On The Way To Vermont; August 26, 2016

I'm headed to Boston this afternoon.  There's two races that I'll be running this weekend in Vermont.

The first on Saturday will be a half marathon in my 44th state and a race in my 49th state.  Rhode Island is left there.

This is one of four trips that I had planned before I received word of a potential separation from my current employer.

Even though I've paid for these (meaning airfare and race entries went on a credit card and that amount immediately went off of my card), I considered not going to all but the last one - which is a trip to Lynchburg to run and see Waverly - to be fiscally prudent.

However, I countered that I need to go to maintain the proper emotional balance in this season of change.

These two paragraphs were part of Max Lucado's daily e-mail today titled, "Your Sermon":

If Jesus heals you instantly, praise him. If you are still waiting for healing, trust him. Your suffering is your sermon.

God will use your struggle to change others. God can use your suffering as your sermon!

Let's be real.  The things that I'm dealing with isn't suffering by any means, but can be considered a trial.

While I'm nervous (and in some cases, scared), I just have to keep coming back over and over and trust God in all of this.

On Wednesday, I received word that my application to make another attempt to pursue my Bachelor's at a school was denied.

In that e-mail, though, there was an instruction of what may cause that university to reconsider their decision.

I talked to Waverly that night.  We had a great conversation like we usually do.  And she has shared with me that she and her leadership team at school are praying for me through this.  (I know others are too; therefore, I don't want to let anybody out as I'm mindful to give credit.)

We talked that while we trust God to lead and guide us we still have to be willing to move.  Not relocating, mind you, but to take action while we're waiting and to trust him.

That evening I wrote a letter to request readmission to the last school that I was at and since time was an issue with the plan that I was pursuing, I hand-delivered it the next morning to the Dean's office of the college of that university that I was in 23 years ago.

I then sent a letter of appeal to the denying university.

And at that point, it is completely out of my hands.  I can't do anything more, but let processes take their course.

Today was the last full week at the customer site.  I was in early so that I could get my 40 billable hours in for the week and to be able to leave in time to execute my weekend plan.

While looking at patient accounts, I prayed simply for God to continue to help me as I wait for feedback from multiple entities.

Within a half hour, I had an appointment request from somebody at my customer site to talk with them as they promised they would.  That's now set for Monday.

The recruiter that I'm working with on one position e-mailed me and said that the one company wants to fly me in the week of September 12 to interview with the team that I would be potentially joining.

And upon sharing that information with my Dad (and copying Waverly), she relayed me some information from the university that explained the processes that took place relating to the denial.

Now don't just think that God always just answers when we need Him to, but to me I took it as a sign to say, "Keep trusting Me."

Also in this same time frame, I received word that another recruiter that I was talking to said that one hospital that they pitched me to wouldn't budge on their degree requirement.

They felt that I was a perfect fit for the position, but I get it.  It’s that hospital's loss.

I’ll just keep applying until somebody accepts me, right?  :-)

As I was writing this in the airport, a long-time friend – like close to 35 years kind of friend from where many of us went to church together – walked by the gate (C33) that I was working at.

But you know how those things go, you weren’t really sure if it was them or not.

I had Facebook opened up.  She had in the last six months friended me.  Maybe even shorter than that.  I asked her if she was in the airport – she’s a flight attendant – and if she had just come in through C29-C33.  She said, “Yes.”

She came back to the gate that I was at and we enjoyed a good 15-20 minute conversation.

She and her sister have been very good friends with me and my late sister.  I think that her sister and I and she and my sister were the ones that were closer to one another given our age differences.

My sister and I were a little more than five years apart and she and her sister I think were closer in age – maybe only three years apart.

Nonetheless, it was really good to see and talk with her.  I hadn’t seen her since my sister’s memorial service.  We really appreciated her family all being there to support ours.

In closing, as we approach Boston as I think that we’re about 45-60 minutes from landing, we’re being treated to a beautiful sunset back over our left shoulder.

It looks like we’re flying just south of the Great Lakes as I can’t think of another large body of water that we’d be going by to the north of us as we’re going west to east.

Maybe somebody will enlighten me of another possibility.  :-)

Again, to those reading and praying, thank you.  And have a great weekend.

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